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One of the biggest challenges to quantify an athlete’s
performance is in the sport of soccer.
That is our primary focus

Much of the soccer performance measurement has been based on gathering match analysis data or evaluating the physiological demands on players during training and match play.

However, soccer is a complex sport, requiring the repetition of many disparate actions and at different times. Soccer in a way is more of a free flow sport that requires the execution of movements with technique and skill.

Furthermore, another impact on skill is the player’s ability to maintain their technique as fatigue sets in during various phases of the game.

Training and Performance concentrated around Technique and Skill based on the following key five (5) Components

The Cognitive Component

This is in the form of decision making, is a fundamental element of a skill.

Sequence of Movement

Players perform sequences of movements that better resembles a game situation and thus increases the ecological validity of the performance measurement.

Aerobic Capacity

Simple running tests can be used to monitor speed, agility and repeated sprint performance, and countermovement jumps can be used to assess leg power.


The mental game.  It has been found that the mental game can be as important to the physical game.


The state of the player’s body contributes 100% to the performance of the exercise during training or during the actual game.


Decision making exercises and tests


Specialized drills by position and ability


Yo-Yo Test and GPS tracking


Staffed psychologists assess the mental aspect of the players using online and in person tool


Individualized supplement prescriptions for the players based on tests such as BMI and calories intake

Proprietary Dashboards

Our reporting data is extrapolated and collected in our dashboards.  Players are able to review the data on their phones and see how they are progressing against themselves as well as their peers.